Youth Ministry Wish List

In an effort to attract more youth to the youth ministry program, we are in need of a few items.  If you are interested in donating some items listed below, please contact Maria.  If there is something NOT listed that you would like to donate, please don’t hesitate to offer.  Thanks for your support!


-      Xbox 360 or newer gaming system

-      Wii gaming system

-      PlayStation 3 or newer gaming system

-      Xbox or Wii games

-      Controllers for Wii or Xbox

-      Rechargeable batteries

-      Charging ports


Sporting Equipment

-      Soccer balls

-      Basketballs

-      Wiffleballs/bats

-      Kickballs

-      Ping-pong equipment

-      Cones

-      Volleyball net and balls


Other Items

-      Board games

-      Bookshelf

-      Any religious items (Advent wreath, candles, etc.)