[Fort 10-09] This Week

posted Oct 6, 2011, 8:06 AM by Fr. Matthew Baum   [ updated Jun 26, 2013, 12:35 PM by Unknown user ]
Good Morning Folks!

I hope everyone's doing well and recovered from all the craziness going on last weekend.  So what are we doing this week?

There's a couple things going on...

We have a "ministries fair" next weekend, and we'll be looking for some more adult help, (since our helpers have been rather scarce lately) so we're going to ask you guys to help a little with the posterboard.  I'll be bringing photos of stuff we've done, a posterboard, and a laptop & printer.  I'm hoping we can put together a nice posterboard advertisement for FORT, ADO, and the Middle school youth group.  So if you have any pictures of any fort stuff, swing dances, march for life trip, or anything like that...please bring some stuff along to put it together.

Since we've moved to Saturday...there has been a certain person who we've been giving a hard time that she hasn't been coming....well, she offered to come if we'd watch the 10 commandments...so I said maybe....so, if it rains or is too cold tomorrow, we'll watch part of that movie...

However, if it's nice out...everyone seems to want to do capture the flag again.  So bring a jacket or dress warm so we can go outside.  Also, somebody please bring some glow-sticks we can use as a flag!!!

So for this week
1. Dress Warm
2. Bring Money for Pizza
3. Bring pictures from Youth Group or Ado Events!

I also have some news on not two, but three BIG events coming up soon.

Sunday Nov 27th - There will be a Diocesan Praise and Worship day with our Bishop in Loretto.  Cost will depend on how many sign up.  If we take a bus, it's going to be around $15.  If we carpool, there won't be a fee.

Friday Jan 20th - Concert - This is absolutely unbelievable, but our diocese has managed to arrange for a Matt Maher concert in Altoona!  High School students have first chance at the tickets.  I will get you more info as I get it.  If you've never heard him, he's amazing.  He's one of the nation's leading Christian singers and one of the only Catholic musicians you can regularly hear on Christian radio.  Some of you may have seen him as the lead musican at the Rally for Life last year.

Sunday Jan 22nd-Monday Jan 23rd  - March for Life - I haven't gotten final confirmation yet, but it looks like we'll be getting tickets to the youth rally again this year.  I put in for 50 tickets, and I'll hear in a week or two.  More info to follow once I get confirmation that we have the tickets.

See you Saturday!
-Fr. Matt