[FORT 06-09]

posted Jun 5, 2012, 1:54 PM by Fr. Matthew Baum   [ updated Jun 26, 2013, 12:36 PM by Unknown user ]
Good Afternoon Everyone!

Well, Summer is here!  Congratulations to all the new graduates!  

We're going to have quite a bit of stuff going on in the upcoming weeks, so get ready!  Originally I was going to begin our new series this Friday, but after thinking about it a little more, we'll spend a little time on Friday introducing the Screwtape Letters and talking about what we're going to do, but as our lesson, we're only going to look at the preface and talk about what the book is about.  I think most of you are ready to celebrate being out of school and relax a little bit.

So with that in mind, This week would be a good time for some fun outdoor games.  Please come up with ideas and run them by me, It'll be a low-pressure fun night this week.

PLEASE check your schedules for the next couple events, so you can let me know if you can come!

Upcoming Weeks

Mon - June 11th - Hershey Park - We still have seats, invite friend, it's very important that we fill the Bus!!!

Wed June 13th - Hike/Bonfire - Please Check your Calendars and let me know if you can go...this is a FAMILY event, so please parents and family are welcome, bring something picnic-ish.  We'll meet at OLV and head out in the late afternoon.  I should have all the details planned by Friday.  This is open to BOTH Middle School AND High School Youth Group Families.   If you think you can go, PLEASE let me know mattb@ourladyofvictory.com  I hope there's some interest, if I don't get at least 5-10 people signed up, we'll postpone and do it later in the summer.

Fri June 15th - Party @ Servey's - This will be the youth group end of School year party.  Mrs. Servey has graciously agreed to host.  We'll be setting up a giant outdoor drive-in movie screen and probably watching the Star Wars Movies, along with picnic food.  More details to follow...

Sun June 24th - Spikes Game - If anyone is interested in attending faith night at the Spikes, please let the parish office know soon. The tickets will be ordered soon.

July 6 - Coffeehouse - Please talk to Maria if you'd like to help/perform  mariag@ourladyofvictory.com

See you Friday 
-Fr. Matt