01-20 [FORT] No Group - Matt Maher Concert

posted Jan 19, 2012, 11:10 AM by Fr. Matthew Baum   [ updated Jun 26, 2013, 12:36 PM by Unknown user ]
Good Morning Folks,

I know we're not meeting this week, but I did want to send out a reminder that the Matt Maher Concert is TOMORROW NIGHT.  So that replaces our meeting for this week.  

Next week is Winter Jam at the BJC.  Middle School Youth will meet as normal, but FORT will meet AT Winter Jam.  I'll have more info on where and when in next week's message.  For Now, the doors open at 6:00pm, so we'll probably meet shortly before that.  Cost is $10 at the door.  I know it's a relatively popular event in town, and we should support our local ecumenical efforts.   (after all, they come to our swing dance). 

The following week, as we talked about last week, I gave everyone a few options for our next series.  We decided that we're going to (hopefully) begin a Christian assertiveness program (also known as anti-bullying)  We're thinking about doing the series with our Catholic School, and so I asked if the group would be willing to be "guinea pigs" for the program.  I know many have been through traditional programs in their schools, and I'd like to hear some feedback about what really happens in school and how the programs that exist really work.  Then, we'll continue through a number of the Church's teachings on loving our neighbor, social justice, preferential option for the poor, etc. and how those apply to real life currently in high school, and looking back, what our kids thought about how it worked (or could work) in middle school.  I really think there are a lot of issues to be talked about that are never really brought up, and a lot of our Catholic heritage can be included in the issue.

So with all that in mind, on Feb 3rd (our next date that we'll meet as a full group)  We'll watch the movie "Cyberbully."  It does include some talk about sensitive issues, but real issues that high school students deal with.  Parents are certainly welcome to watch, but I'd prefer if the kids come with an open mind to see what they think.  The intent of this movie (and the discussion) is an introduction to the topic, asking how things work in the real world right now.  As we go on, we'll talk more about what the Church teaches about it, and what as Christians we "ought" to do.

But that session won't be for another 2 weeks.  See everyone at Matt Maher!

-Fr. Matt